Summer is the time for icy treats, so what better representative than the characters of hit sports anime, Yuri on Ice? The popular series was chosen for this new themed pop-up cafe which will be hitting Tokyo from August.

And to make these anime character eats even sweeter, the limited-time-only collaboration cafe has another twist, as it features not only Yuri on Ice, but also Sanrio characters. The menu consists of dishes representing the various figure skating stars of the series, paired with the cute characters of Sanrio.

While themed cafes often have certain menu items assigned to each character, forcing some customers to choose between their fave character and fave food, this cafe lets you freely choose your dish and character combo, as the side rice can be made into the protagonist of your choice.

There’s three different mains to choose from, and once you’ve decided on that, a more difficult choice awaits. Your rice can be made into one of the three main characters, Yuri Katsuki, Victor or Yuri Plisetsky.

But as previously mentioned, the theme of this eatery is ice, so the main event is the desserts. Each dessert comes with a scoop of ice cream which can be made into the character of your choice.

For the sweets, there's even more characters to choose from. Apart from the main trio, you can also pick Otabek, Chris, JJ or Phichit.

Like the desserts, there’s plenty of skating stars to choose from when selecting your beverage. The variously flavoured floats, such as melon soda, strawberry soda and cola, each give you the option of a character-themed scoop of ice cream.

The cafe latte does not come with an ice cream scoop for obvious reasons, but still looks pretty good.

Visitors who book in advance will be given the free gift of a random paper fan, which should not only look cute, but also be pretty practical during the summer weather.

And those who order a beverage will be treated to a random drinks coaster to take home with them.

Of course, there’s also plenty of original merchandise to be had if you want something else to remember your time at the cafe by. The adorable chibi-style illustrations feature Yuri on Ice characters as well as their Sanrio companions, all with a super cute ice cream theme.

If you want to skate on down, the cafe is taking place at Shibuya Box Cafe&Space from 6th August until 22nd September. Check out the website where you can reserve a table in advance online, and also see the full menu.

By - Jess.