Floresta is a Japanese doughnut chain which started in Nara and spread throughout the country thanks to their adorable, animal-shaped fare. They call their creations ‘nature’ doughnuts since they are organic and handmade, with no artificial flavours or colouring added. This brand has been collaborating with Sanrio in recent years to create all kinds of adorable treats featuring different famous Japanese characters like Hello Kitty and Pompompurin.

Some of these doughnuts are even released to coincide with seasons or special events, and their latest collaborative effort will be magicked up just in time for Halloween.

For this year’s Halloween doughnut, a suitably cheeky character has been chosen called Bad Badtz-Maru. This grumpy penguin looks perfectly at home inside a ring doughnut with a purple chocolate coating and spider web motif. Every part is edible, with his trademark spiky hair created with organic almonds.

His cheerier friend, Hana-maru the white seal, will also be starring in her own doughnut.

Each one costs 486 yen (takeout price), and they will be sold from 9th to 31st October 2021. They can only be found in certain branches of Floresta and the store list can be found online, or you can order them from their online shop.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.