This month, Japan celebrated the star festival of Tanabata, making it the perfect time for Planetaria Tokyo, a planetarium located in Yurakucho, to launch their brand new line up of galaxy-inspired snacks and drinks for patrons to enjoy as they ponder the mysteries of the universe.

They’ve completely revamped the planetarium cafe’s grand menu, to include some beautifully presented desserts, inspired by some of the most amazing sights in the whole galaxy. Their soft serve ice cream has taken on the image of a nebula, with purple ice cream, cotton candy gas clouds and sparking sprinkles representing stars.

The lunar-inspired ‘Parfait Moon’ contains coffee jelly and various scoops of ice cream to mimic the rocky surface of the moon, and in case that wasn’t on the nose enough for you, there’s also a full moon balanced on top of the dessert.

There’s plenty of other Instagrammable treats on offer too, such as the Galaxy Donut and Milky Way Cotton Candy. Not just pretty desserts, there’s even savoury dishes inspired by various celestial bodies such as the Sirius Sandwich and Hot Antares Dog.

The cafe have also sought to express the distinct characteristics of each planet in the solar system through beverages, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, such as this red and blue creation representing Mercury.

The Planetaria Tokyo is located on 9th floor of Yurakucho Mullion. Check out the website for the cafe's full menu and to see show times for the planetarium!

By - Jess.