Anything can become art. Recently we’ve seen apples among other things transformed into beautiful works worthy of being placed in a gallery.

On his Instagram, @mikyoui00 posts photos of his elegant and delicious looking arrangements that wouldn’t look out of place in the most upmarket of restaurants.

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But he also produces delicate and beautiful images using his sashimi arrangement skills. It was recently Tanabata, the star festival, and these plates of raw fish beautifully show characters from the story the festival is based on.

Using silver seabream and amberjack, he created Orihime, the princess from the story who weaves beautiful clothes in the Milky Way.

Source: @mikyoui00

The skin and texture of the fish become a beautiful pattern on her kimono and edible flowers were used to embellish.

Here she is again, reaching her arms out to her husband Hikoboshi, who she only gets to meet once a year on Tanabata.

Source: @mikyoui00

Here the lovers are reunited. Silver sea bream, amberjack and seabream were used to form this romantic scene.

Source: @mikyoui00

But that’s not all he can portray. This sashimi bride was made using very thin slices of seabream and creatively used salt and edible flowers.

Source: @mikyoui00

Fitting that seafood can portray the underwater world, there’s also this playful depiction of a mermaid, complete with a radish crab companion and vegetable seaweed.

Source: @mikyoui00

Although some commenters online questioned to what extent they would mind their food being handled before it arrived at the table, the visual appeal of these arrangements are unquestionable. If you like beautiful food art. Check out these goldfish gyoza that look so realistic that they may just swim off your plate!

By - Jess.