Let out your inner adventurer this summer with a kayaking tour in Fukushima Prefecture.

Taking advantage of the natural beauty of the conservation area: the Surikami River Dam – more commonly known as Lake Moniwa – this kayaking tour allows partakers to experience a true adventure in a place almost untouched by man. The lake itself is free of engine-powered boats and pollution, is the size of 123 Tokyo Domes and has won the Gold award in the Monde Selection (for the water quality of course).

In the summer sunshine the leaves of the surrounding trees are washed in deep shades of green and are teeming with life. Amongst their canopy branches the calls of wild monkeys can be heard from the calm, clean waters of the lake. With more wildlife than humans, visitors can feel as if they have been sucked into another world ruled by mother nature. With the gentle breeze sweeping across the water as kayakers venture out to the rhythm of the surroundings, Lake Moniwa makes for the perfect getaway for peaceful adventurers.

The Iizaka Supporters Club is the NPO behind the creation of the Lake Moniwa Kayaking Tour, and are seeking to preserve and nurture the nature, culture and history of the Iizaka area through sustainable tourism. The organisation believes it is a waste of time to just enjoy nature through the eyes, and encourages active involvement and engagement with the environment through exciting activities such as kayaking.

The Lake Moniwa Kayaking Tour is available to all adventurers, with no previous kayaking experience expected. The kayaks can be ridden safely by anyone, even beginners. The boats rarely capsize, but if they do, an instructor is always immediately available to get riders upright again.

After a 2 hour adventure out on the lake, visitors can head to the nearby onsen town of Iizaka. In town, a cafe which goes by the name of ‘Oncafe’ is operated by the same NPO behind the kayaking tour. Visitors can enjoy a variety of dishes available from the cafe, but the most popular food on the menu is the ‘Moniwa Lake Soup curry’, a curry type dish which imitates the Surikami Dam.

The Lake Moniwa Kayaking Tour

Location: Ribira Park, Shiba Moniwa, Iizaka-cho, Fukushima
Access: 30 minutes from the Fukushima Iizaka interchange on the Tohoku Expressway (roughly 20 minutes from Iizaka Onsen)
Booking time slots: 9:30am ~ 11:30am or 13:00pm ~ 15:00pm
Tour period: July 1st to November 30th, 2020
Capacity: 2 to 20 people per group
Price: Adults (Junior high age +) 5,000 yen Children (elementary school and younger) 4,500 yen
*Please get in touch with the company when booking children under 9 years old.

Apply by filling out the form at the bottom of the page here.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.