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Muro Box – The world’s first smart music box

We are living in a technologically advanced era; with VR experiences, artificial intelligence, facial recognition and practically the whole world just a click of a button away, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t still enjoy the more classy things in life.

The Muro Box lands somewhere in between. It brings together two worlds, one full of appreciation of tradition and cultural arts, and the other, our current world, where everything is available at the tips of our fingers.
It is the world’s first app-linked music box, and allows the user to compose and configure their own songs for the little instrument.

Music boxes are believed to have first been invented during the 17th century, if true, then that means that the small instrument has been enjoyed by people all over the world for more than 200 years.

Music boxes have never seemed to have gone out of fashion, with almost every household owning at least one.
Despite bringing joy into the lives of many over the centuries with their simplistic designs and rich distinctive sounds, there is one unfortunate flaw to the classical music box – they are only programmed to play one song. This limitation means that traditional music boxes can be repetitive, and can sadly bore the listener after being played only a few times.

The Muro Box seeks to fix this shortfall, and allows the user to listen to as many songs as they like, whenever they like.
By linking to the smartphone app, users are able to configure songs that can then be played through the music box - meaning that you can listen to any tune you’d like replicated with the delicate tones of the music box.

Instead of being limited to a particular pattern cut into the inner cylindrical comb of a traditional music box, the cylinder inside the Muro Box is completed with countless pins that can be re-configured to create any tune the user desires. The unlimited number of pins also means that songs played on the box can be longer than those played on a traditional music box.
In addition to creating their own songs, users can find pre-configured versions of their favourite tunes on the world’s largest music box site “Music Box Maniacs”, and can download the songs by QR code so that they can easily be played on the Muro Box.
Creations made by Muro Box users can also be uploaded to the Muro Box app and shared with music lovers around the world.

The Muro Box is currently being produced via crowdfunding platforms, but when available, is expected to be sold to the public for 69,300 yen a piece. The box will come with a USB Type-C charger, warranty and a storage box and will be available in two different colours (dark and light) to suit the mood of any setting.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.