Japanese snacks, whether they be sweets, crackers, or instant ramen, are known for their wide variety of delicious flavors, but also feature many colorful packaging designs. Many Japanese snack package designs have remain unchanged for decades, giving them a nostalgic aesthetic.

Perhaps realizing their vintage appeal, Twitter user @hOpQTKSkHnbQILM is a sneaker artist who takes the package designs of Japanese snacks that they like, and turns them into awesome shoe designs.

Sparing no deal, the talented sneaker artist has faithfully recreated the labels and package designs of popular Japanese snacks such as Bourbon's Raising Cookie Sandwiches, Meiji's yogurtscotch candy Chelsea, red bean ice cream Azuki bar, Happy Turn rice crackers, and Itomen's chanpon instant ramen.

If you look closely, however, it's not all snack food. Salad dressing, Yuzukosho seasoning, and honey black vinegar diet juice are also represented.

Here's a comparison of the artistic shoes side by side with the actual products that inspired them. For more awesome snack-inspired sneaker artwork, be sure to follow @hOpQTKSkHnbQILM on Twitter!

By - Big Neko.