Japan's Prime 1 Studio is a manufacturer known for their polystone statues (some even full-scale) and high quality figures of characters from popular film and American comics, as well as anime and manga. Their new Cutie1 series, however, recreates those characters in cutesified chibi "plushie type" figures. While the series isn't limited to cute characters by any means, it should come as surprise to fans of Stephen King's It to see Pennywise the Dancing Clown as the newest entry in in the series.

The appearance is based on actor Bill Skarsgard's depiction of the ancient horror in the 2017 and 2018 films based on the classic Stephen King novel. While It definitely retains some of the spookiness of the human devouring monster, that aesthetic is also softened by the classic compact look, as well as button eyes and zipper mouth the Cutie1 series is known for. The figure comes with a stand that it attaches to via magnets.

It is also round. Quite round!

The It figure is set to become available for online order (English and Japanese order sites available) in October. While you can only reserve it for now, you can help yourself to other Cutie1 figures including characters from DC comics and hit manga Berserk.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.