Kamaboko, often translated as "fish cake", are a Japanese cured surimi, typically made of boiled and processed whitefish that you'll often see as appetizers, drinking snacks, and traditional Japanese New Year's food. Where you most often see them, however, is packed in as one of many treats in Japanese bento lunch boxes.

That's why Square Enix have selected them as the first in their new collaborative campaign with traditional Japanese souvenir makers. which is titled the "Real Omiyage (Japanese for souvenir) Project". The first souvenir combines the iconic Slime found in the Dragon Quest series (and in this case, Dragon Quest Walk) with the kamaboko made by Suzuhiro Kamaboko, a well known fish cake maker from Odawara with a history of over 150 years.

As you can see, Slime make for perfectly adorable and colorful fish cakes!

The collaboration is based on the fact that Odawara Castle in Japan is a landmark in Dragon Quest Walk with unlockable Slime souvenirs. Square Enix enlisted the help of traditional craftsmen to carefully make Slime molds for the Dragon Quest fish cakes.

The Dragon Quest Slime kamaboko will be on sale from July 23rd to November 10th from Suzuhiro Kamaboko's online shop, as well as their Odawara station location.

By - Big Neko.