At 2:10 PM, Saturday, July 18th, 2020, Haruma Miura (30) passed away at a Tokyo hospital. The popular actor and singer began as a child actor at the age of 7 when he appeared in the television drama adaptation of the novel "Agri," then rose to fame from 2007 with a starring role in the film Koizora for which he won the Newcomer of the Year award at the 31st Japan Academy Prize. He has since starred in Japanese TV dramas such as Gokusen, and in films such as Kimi ni Todoke, The Eternal Zero, Attack on Titan and Gintama 2. He is also known for his musical roles, most notably playing Lola in the Japanese production of Kinky Boots.

In reaction to Miura's untimely death, Amuse Inc., which has served as the actor's agency for many years, released an emotional statement on their website, today, July 20th, 2020.

The statement begins with the agency expressing their extreme grief and sadness at losing a dear friend with whom they have shared dreams and hopes for the past 16 years: "For all of our artists and staff members, our feelings go beyond sadness and our agonizing grief knows no bounds."

The statement continues, praising the actor and reflecting on his life:

"Not only because of his attitude towards work as an actor but also because of his sincere and charming personality, he was loved by many fans, not to mention numerous artists and staff members both within and without our company. His soul which shone dazzlingly with the energy he poured into every single work will surely continue to shine brightly through all the works he acted in and within the hearts of those who enjoyed them."

The statement continues: "Haruma Miura will forever be an Amuse artist, and he will forever be our precious friend."

In consultation with the actor's family, Amuse Inc. has already conducted a private funeral. However, taking into consideration appropriate anti-viral measures due to the novel coronavirus, they will, at the appropriate time, provide a separate occasion for former colleagues, professional contacts, and, of course, for all of the fans who have supported him to say their final goodbyes. More details will follow at a later date.

The statement ends with a strong request to members of the media, urging them to refrain from interviewing family members in their time of grief as well as publishing articles based on conjecture.

The complete statement is available on Amuse Inc.'s website here.

By - Ben K.