On the morning of July 18th, 2019, Building One of Kyoto Animation in Kyoto's Fushimi Ward tragically burned to the ground in a horrific arson-murder incident which eventually claimed 36 lives.

Since then, fans, including one of our own writers, have visited the site of the tragedy to leave flowers, gifts, notes, to take pictures and pray. The studio had been preparing an official area on the premises to accept such condolences and wishes. However, as they explained in a statement on July 3rd, out of concern for public health during the novel coronavirus pandemic, they judged that inviting many people to gather there was ill-advised, and they suspended those plans, also urging the public to refrain from visiting the premises until it was safe to do so.

Today, July 16th, just two days before the first anniversary of the tragedy, the animation studio issued a second statement to ensure that this message had been well heeded, and as a further precaution in anticipation of the possibility that fans may attempt to come to the site on that day.

The statement explains that "entry into the premises of Kyoto Animation 1st Studio is prohibited without permission" and they ask for the public's "cooperation in not disturbing the residents."

Moreover, Kyoto Animation asks the public to refrain from the following specific actions around the premises:

  • Leaving flowers, food, flammable items, trash, etc.
  • Parking or stopping your car or motorcycle
  • Stopping and sitting for prolonged periods of time near or in front of the site
  • Taking videos or photos
  • Any other activity that goes against everyday manners

The statement concludes with Kyoto Animation expressing their deep gratitude for the public's understanding and cooperation in respecting their wishes.

Fans may be disappointed to know that they won't be able to gather at the site of the 1st Studio on the tragic first anniversary.

However, Kyoto Animation is planning to broadcast a special memorial show on that day between 10:30 and 10:40 AM (JST) on their official YouTube Channel.

You can watch the broadcast here:

By - Ben K.