In June, “electric tropical” Pikachu gummies took Japan by storm. The tantalizingly tangy gummies and adorable Pikachu packaging shocked consumers with their cuteness. Now, Japanese gummy brand Pure is releasing a second round of sparktacular Pikachu gummies, this time with new summer flavors and packaging!

The gummies, which like their forebears are shaped like Pikachus, are a tropical punch of pineapple, banana and mango flavors, with added cola taste to represent the “power” of Pikachus shocking attacks. You can almost taste the refreshing fizz of the cola brown gummies by just looking at them!

The new packaging is adorable, coming in 4 different designs to spark a relaxing summer mood. All are covered in Pikachus and 3 have summer themed motifs like Pikachu sporting sunglasses, sun blocking straw hats and finally Hawaiian flowers.

The regular packs of Pure gummies marked with Pikachu footprints in the top right corner might also contain rare Pikachu shaped candies.

The gummies will go on sale across Japan from July 21st. With gloomy rainy season almost over, Pikachu gummies are the perfect way to recharge those happy summer vibes!

By - Toby M.