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Tired Shiba Is Totally Fed Up With Pokémon GO

Alongside unfortunate news of people getting into accidents while playing Pokémon GO, there have also been more than a handful of happy events that wouldn’t have taken place had it not been for the game. For example, we’ve all heard of the shelter dogs that were adopted after tagging along with newbie Pokémon trainers, catching their hearts in the process. But it appears that not all dogs are thankful for the release of this new game, like Japanese Twitter user @ikabake’s shiba dog, Kotaro.


Source: @ikabake

I've brought my dog out to play Pokémon GO, and he’s completely fed up.

Blame it on the scorching summer heat, or blame it on all the yanking and pulling of his human whenever a Pokémon is spotted nearby. Whatever the situation, it’s pretty clear that Kotaro was deceived into thinking he and his human would be going out on a nice walk, only to realize during their outing that there was an ulterior motive — to catch monsters.

We’re not sure how Kotaro’s unexpected adventure played out in the end, but we can only hope that he was at least able to help catch some rare Pokémon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.