In Japan, Kawaii Culture is everywhere. From the frilly lace sleeves of Lolita fashionistas and colourful accessory hoarding skills of Decora Kei enthusiasts, to the adorable mascots found in every prefecture across the country and cross-generational passion for chibi style anime shows. With the country overflowing with all things cute it can seem almost impossible to find more typical and ordinary aspects in Japan.

A taste for this lovable vibe has even managed to seep into the country’s food and drink industry, with cafes and restaurants often offering up some kind of menu centred around chibi characters or rainbow coloured refreshments. With even the way people speak being affected by the enchanting phenomenon, it seems that there is not a corner of the country untouched by this cuteness overload. For some life is acceptable with Japan’s somewhat over the top obsession with all things kawaii, but for others, it is not quite enough.

STEM RESORT Creative Playground will be opening on the 19th July 2020 in Toyosaki, Okinawa. A rooftop theme park with a focus inspired by all things kawaii, the venue is sure to prove a hit amongst visitors to the area.

Inside the venue, guests will be entertained by a collection of brightly coloured and retro areas with a main focus on cuteness. The theme park will include an artistic cafe, a museum corner dedicated to information on more than 30 different “cute” photo spots, and a creative area where guests are free to explore.

A dance studio, set up with a large LED screen on one wall and retro decorations around the room, allows guests to dance freely and feel as if they are the main protagonist of a music video.
In another room, 360° projection mapping fills the walls with colourful and dreamlike imagery. Touch the scenery and the image will react and change, creating a fun and interesting way to interact with the designs.
A huge soft ball play area, mirror maze and soft toy corner also provide a space within the theme park for children to learn through play.

No matter how you plan to spend your day at STEM RESORT Creative Playground, you can be sure when you return home that your senses and creativity will be heightened by all the colourful and inspirational experiences had at the theme park.

STEM RESORT Creative Playground

Venue opening date: Sunday 19 July 2020
Hours: 09:00am – 23:00pm
Location:Eias Okinawa Toyosaki, 4th floor. 3-35 Toyosaki, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa 901-0225
*20 minutes by car from Naha Airport, next to Chura SUN beach.


Advance tickets:
Adults – 1,600 yen
High School students – 1000 yen
Children (4-12 years) – 700 yen

Day tickets:
Adults – 1,800 yen
High School students – 1200 yen
Children (4-12 years) – 800 yen

Local resident discount tickets:
Adults – 1,400 yen
High School students – 900 yen
Children (4-12 years) – 600 yen

*Children 3 and under may enter without charge.
*All tickets include free drinks

By - Connie Sceaphierde.