Staff members use fluffy bear gloves to hand out drinks and sweets through the small opening in the wall, making it a true introvert’s paradise.

Shaun Fernando and the Sankei Shimbun, for JAPAN Forward

A unique cafe based in Uehonmachi City, Osaka became a social media hit and has been attracting a lot of attention, especially among young people.

Located near the Uehommachi Station, Osaka, Kumanote Cafe (くまの手カフェ (Bear Paw Cafe) was opened in September 2021 to provide a supportive working environment for people suffering from various mental health conditions.

It’s run by Mental Support, an academy that has been providing mental health help and counseling to struggling individuals for 12 years. Jobs at the cafe offer a low-stress working environment and help those trying to reintegrate into society.

Unique Concept

The cafe is a room with only two openings in a concrete wall, one on the left for making orders and payments, and the other on the right for receiving.

When your order is ready, it is served by a big cuddly bear sticking its hand through the wall. A variety of drinks and aesthetically pleasing parfaits are available, all delivered via a bear paw through the hole.

In addition to being a fun, whimsical way to get your morning coffee, the business model also addresses a number of social issues.


By - grape Japan editorial staff.