In recent years, Japan has been stepping up its environmental efforts. The country plans to make the 2021 Olympics entirely green, companies are cutting back on PET bottles, there are zero waste municipal models, and a litany of similar accomplishments worth bragging about.

Nevertheless, like everywhere, the country is far from perfect. Japan's plastic clogs oceans as entrepreneurs and businesses push to innovate solutions.

Fortunately, the government is also doubling its efforts. As of July 1st, all retailers are charging a small fee for plastic bags. The measure is aimed at reducing plastic waste by leading consumers to reevaluate their habits. There have apparently been few complaints as many stores already implemented the policy voluntarily prior to the mandate.

Accidentally Packing Plastic bags

While the change is a positive development, it will likely take some time for businesses and shoppers to adjust. Needless to say, the shift in policy snuck up on consumers, striking many an unprepared customer by surprise.

As well as, it seems, illustrator and manga artist Amagiri (@amagiri_dia). The artist works part-time as a store clerk, so she's seen some of the mixups the new policy has produced.

Reproduced with permission from © Amagiri (@amagiri_dia)

Indeed, bad habits are hard to break. When you’re used to bagging everything for your customers, its easy to continue doing so without noticing.

Are You Sure You Don’t Need a Bag?

Clerks aren't the only ones struggling to adjust. Customers are trying to save face at the register as they forget the change.

Reproduced with permission from © Amagiri (@amagiri_dia)

Even though this customer only had a small bag, she attempted to carry her items. I guess you could admire her determination. But is it really worth it? More likely than not, she felt embarrassed asking for a bag after the fact. She probably won't be so bold next time—nevertheless, it's easy to imagine similar scenes playing out in stores and supermarkets across the country.

Finally, Amagiri (@amagiri_dia) has published several other mangas which you can read on her Twitter account, both original stories and fan creations based on manga and anime (mainly about sisters Dia and Ruby Kurosawa in LoveLive! Sunshine!!). Be sure to check them out.

By - Luke Mahoney.