Since the recent global pandemic put a damper on many a wedding, the number of events taking place has taken a nosedive and put the wedding plan industry in a precarious postion. Escrit, a Japanese company which produces weddings and receptions, are hoping to uplift the industry with a collaboration that will tempt scores of cute character fans to save the date.

Last month they announced a wedding plan inspired by arguably San-X’s most popular character, the chilled-out bear Rilakkuma.

It’s the character’s first ever official wedding plan, and now the Rilakkuma Bridal Fair, where prospective couples can go through a free consultation regarding the Rilakkuma wedding of their dreams, is open for registration.

The plan includes everything you need to make the day as cute as possible, including food options like the Rilakkuma dessert and Kiiroitori soup.

That's not to say that this is a pre-made wedding plan which will be the same as countless other couples’ celebrations. The deal also includes original illustrations made just for the happy couple which will be used for various features of the wedding such as the welcome board, cake topper and decorative stickers.

And a promise that should make any fan of cute characters want to tie the knot as quick as possible, the ‘Greeting Plan’ option means Rilakkuma and his trusty friend, Korilakkuma, will actually attend the wedding and celebrate with you and your guests.

If you’re a Japan resident who wants to make their special day the most kawaii of them all, check out Escrit’s website for more information on the Rilakkuma Bridal Fair.

By - Jess.