Clicking and clacking away at a keyboard while you slave over a soulless job is a boring routine many of us find ourselves in at times, but now you have an option to perk things up with your own personal cuddle buddy. That's because the Official Rilakkuma Website is releasing a keyboard arm rest that lets you cuddle Rilakkuma as you work.

Rilakkuma, whose name is a combination "relax" (リラックス, sounded out phonetically in Japanese) and "bear" (クマ(熊), kuma) has become a merchandise titan in Japan, and the next item in his adorable empire is this cushion that will keep your arms rest and your heart warmed. It comes in at 43 centimeters in height, just enough to snuggly fit in your lap as you type away at work.

The actual Rilakkuma bear is detachable, meaning you can just use the arm rest if you so please--although you'd miss out on the cuddling. The item costs 5,200 yen ($44 USD) and is available for pre-order on the Rilakkuma store, but will be available throughout the country in February.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.