For lovers of Japan’s cute characters, themed cafes are the best place to find adorable food featuring all your favourites.

One of the country’s most popular characters is Rilakkuma, the chilled out bear whose name is portmanteau of ‘relax’ and ‘kuma’, the Japanese word for bear.

The character, and his whole posse of equally calm animal friends, was created by San-X, the company also responsible for the sweet characters of Sumikkogurashi. This year, fans of Rilakkuma have already been treated to one cafe based on the beloved bear, which is currently still taking place in Harajuku’s AR Box.

But you can’t have too many options when it comes to character cafes. You just can’t. It’s scientifically impossible. And based on this important law of kawaii science, a whole new pop-up Rilakkuma menu is turning up at Japan’s Tower Records cafe starting from August, in three different cities.

The theme of these new dishes perfectly reflects Tower Records, a music retailer, with the concept of a concert in the forest where all the characters chip in with their instrumental skills.

The cafe has main courses such as the 'Rilakkuma Meatball Stew' (1580 yen) which has a cheeky face poking out of the bread bowl.

And Kiiroitori is represented as a fluffy rice omelette (1580 yen).

But the piece de resistance is certainly the 'Rilakkuma Honey Forest Concert Dessert Plate' (2500 yen) which is basically a sweets diorama.

There’s plenty of cute drinks starring the whole gang (from 750 yen).

The full menu also includes various limited time only specialties like the 'Rilakkuma Choco Mint Parfait' (1380 yen). Check out the website to see everything the different venues have to offer!

A collaboration cafe wouldn’t be complete without exclusive goods to pick up, and Tower Records will also stock cute merchandise featuring the adorable musicians.

The cafe will take place at the Omotesando (Tokyo) and Sakae Skyle (Nagoya) branches of the Tower Records Cafe from 1st to 30th August, and Pivot Sapporo from 1st to 17th August.

The cafe works on a reservation system meaning diners must book ahead using the link provided in the above tweet or take a look at the Tower Records website for more information (Japanese language only).

By - Jess.