Starbucks isn’t the only cafe where you can get awesome tumblers. Other Japanese cafes and fast food chains often release products in collaboration with popular characters to grab the attentions of their customers, and more often than not, the collaborations are hugely successful.

Japan’s Tully’s Coffee Kabukiza Shop, located in the famous Kabukiza Theater, recently released their own original tumblers that, unsurprisingly, also became a huge hit. They looked like this:


Source: San-X

The limited edition Rilakkuma Kabuki Tumbler featured Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma dressed up in Kabuki costumes, complete with makeup and everything.

Pretty cute, right?

Well, hundreds of other people thought the same thing. The first day's stock apparently sold out immediately after the Kabukiza store opened for the day on April 2nd. Luckily they had more in stock, and it looks like people have since been able to buy some adorable new tumblers in peace.

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The tumblers are sold for 1,600 yen (14.65 USD), but whether you get a Rilakkuma tumbler or not, the Tully’s Coffee Kabukiza Shop is still worth visiting. Since it’s located inside the Kabuki Theater, the store itself is kabuki-themed, with kabuki face lattes and kabuki-inspired goods that can only be purchased at this location.

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Moral of the story: get in line early.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.