"One must always plan a few moves ahead in battle," Char Aznable once said.

A formidable strategist, Char clearly knows the importance of planning. Bandai's decision to design a planner notebook inspired by the iconic and charismatic leader from the legendary Gundam franchise was a very appropriate one, and the product has done well for the company, new versions coming out since 2015 and successive years, with minor improvements along the way.

The latest version for 2021 is a truly elegant piece of work sure to please Gundam fans, and of course, fans of Char Aznable in particular. With a beautiful cover made of PU leather subtly shaded in red and crimson with the imprint of Char's personal emblem, and the Principality of Zeon emblem in gold foil emblazoned in the center, there's no mistaking this notebook as inspired by Char. Char Aznable's signature is also embossed on the back cover.

The monthly planning pages.

There's a card pocket to hold a few personal cards or business cards and the planner even comes with Char's personal card.

Of course, there's a holder to put in your favorite pen (pen shown in photo not included).

The whole set:

To please true fans, the planner also comes with personal information pages about Char Aznable such as his mobile suits, famous quotes, relationship charts, One Year War historical outline and more.

And when you're not using it, it looks great on your bookshelf or personal study.

Whether it's planning for your next battle or just scheduling your life, this planner will keep you in check whatever you're up to. And if you act decisively, the glory of victory—or at least the satisfaction of knowing you're organized—will be yours!

To see it in closer detail, watch the promotional video:

For more information, and to get your hands on your very own 2021 Char Aznable planner, get ready to part with 4,400 JPY and visit Premium Bandai's website to reserve yours here. (Expected shipping date: November 2020)

By - Ben K.