Do You Like Kimchi?

A staple of Korean cuisine, kimchi is a spicy-sour dish of salted and fermented vegetables like daikon radish and napa cabbage which often accompanies a course of Korean BBQ or other delicious main dishes.

In Japan, kimchi is readily available in any supermarket, convenience store, and most other places that sell groceries.

There is no lack of Japanese dishes that have incorporated kimchi into the recipe like fried rice, hot pot, kimchi pork, ramen, etc.

And of course those who frequent izakayas may also order a dish of kimchi along with edamame, fried chicken karaage, and other appetizers well-suited for drinking alcohol.

So for all you kimchi-lovers out there, you’re in for a special treat today!

2 Michelin Star Chef’s Kimchi

Mi-Wol Yoon 尹美月 (윤미월) is the owner-chef of Yunke 尹家 (윤케), a 2 Michelin Star restaurant located in the Ginza district of Tokyo. The Korean government has designated her a Korean traditional food maestro.

She opened her restaurant with the aim of further popularizing Korean cuisine. She cooks without using chemical seasonings, instead gathering natural ingredients to devise recipes faithful to the flavors of traditional Korean foods.

Her Sungchimchae Goes Beyond Your Average Kimchi

We’ve all become familiar with kimchi in its current form as pickled cabbage or radishes, etc., but Yoon has reintroduced the historical precursor to kimchi, known as Sungchimchae 숭침채.

Sungchimchae goes back to the later half of the 1800’s and its ingredients differ quite a bit, including assorted seafood like octopus and abalone, chestnuts, pears, and dates.

Handed down from her family, Yoon is the fourth generation that continues to preserve this traditional recipe and has been recognized by the Korean government for this.

Order Yoon’s Kimchi to Your Home

For those who want to try out Yoon’s traditional kimchi recipe, you don’t have to go all the way to Yunke in Ginza. If you live in Japan, you can order 1 kg of the kimchi precursor to be delivered to your home and even receive free shipping. You can purchase it from the Grape Online Shop by clicking the link below. It costs 6,000 yen including tax for domestic shipping.

Grape Staff Tries Out Yoon’s Sungchimchae

One kimchi-lover at Grape couldn’t resist and decided to purchase Yoon’s special kimchi.

Upon opening the fancy box, our staff discovered the kimchi packaged in plastic bags inside 2 tupperware containers.

As for the taste test…the results are in…

Grape staff was pleasantly surprised by how authentic-tasting the Sungchimchae was. “Strong spicy and sour tones mingled with seafood and vegetable umami, resulting in a deep and complex flavor,” the staff wrote in her review.

It’s so completely different from the store-bought kimchi I’ve eaten up until now…

So if you too want to try out Yoon’s traditional 4th generation recipe, feel free to make your order on the Grape Online Shop below. Spread the flavors and try adding Sungchimchae to your dining table.

By - Mujo.

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