Typically it's with some great artistry and design that we see food turned into super adorable treats, but occasionally things might just fall into place during the cooking process.

Japanese Twitter Ran Ran (@1O24OOOOO) definitely stumbled into that kind of situation recently when she was cutting up some cucumbers to use in a batch of homemade kimchi.

She couldn't help but notice the feeling of being watched, rather enthusiastically one might add...

Source: @1O24OOOO

"To make some cucumber kimchi I was slicing cucumbers and I found some that look like they're really excited about being turned into kimchi. I'll be sure to make them nice and delicious!"

By chance, Ran Ran had carved out two cucumbers that appeared to be wearing expressions of pure joy! Their happy "faces", as Ran Ran pointed out, seemed to be expressing excitement over being turned into a tasty dish. Not wanting to let the happy cucumbers down, Ran Ran did as she imagined they wanted, and whipped them up into a batch of tangy kimchi.

Source: @1O24OOOO

Many on Twitter were charmed by the happy-go-lucky cucumbers, and glad to see that their dream of becoming kimchi came true.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.