People have been talking about this one photo that a wife posted on Twitter.

One day, when the wife got out of her bath, the husband suggested, “Why don’t I get you some watermelon for an afterbath snack?”

The wife said, “Sure, why not”

After a while, the husband came back with the cutup watermelon on a plate from the kitchen.

Here are the photos of the plate of watermelon that the husband prepared for his wife, which she phrased as “too beautiful to eat!”

Little did she knew, the husband made this amazing looking dessert, “Watermelon pizza plate” with cutup pieces of watermelon decorated with other fruits on a plate.

You can tell that he simply wanted to make his wife smile!

It even makes us audience happy just by looking at beautifully decorated with all sorts of fruits; kiwis, grapes, and “the banana dolphins”!

[Comments from viewers]

So crafty! It would make me incredibly happy if this was served to me after a bath!

Looks so tasty! You can tell the love from the heart shaped banana!

The quality of this is so unreal. I’d be tempted to do a long photoshoot before eating them!

According to the wife, the husband had made other desserts decorated and shaped into her favorite animals and characters!

Apparently though, the husband was not completely happy with the finished product this year, comparing to his last year’s “Watermelon pizza”.

Considering how perfectionist he is with his dessert creations, we are sure that he will diligently continue with his effort to make his wife happy and full!

By - Mugi.