Lupicia is a Japanese tea retailer with products that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the tastebuds, and from April 22nd, they will be releasing an extra special set of teas that will grab hold of every Ghibli-lover’s heart. The teas are the creations from a collaboration with Donguri Kyowakoku, a store specializing in Studio Ghibli goods, and feature bright and fruity flavors packed inside gorgeous tin cans. Painted on the lids are watercolor illustrations of Kiki, Jiji, and Totoro, each representing a tea blend inspired by them.

Source: PR Times

Jiji and Butterfly

Jiji’s rooibos tea is a fruity combination of strawberry, apricot, and honey. It was made with Jiji’s thoughtful kindness toward Kiki in mind, and the artwork places the black cat in a bed of flowers gazing at a butterfly.

Source: PR Times

Kiki and Townscape

As Kiki flies on her broomstick over a town filled with flowers, we're reminded of her strong determination as she strives to become a full-fledged witch. Kiki’s tea is a sweet and tart blend of strawberry and cassis, a taste that also reflects her innocent, bittersweet romance with Tombo.

Source: PR Times

Napping Totoro

This Totoro tea is particularly special because of the origins of its leaves. An aromatic blend of roasted green tea with hints of corn, the tea was sourced from Sayama in Saitama Prefecture, where Sayama Hill, aka Totoro Forest, is located. Along with the heartwarming illustration of a snoozing Totoro, this tea brings the real-life Totoro’s Forest to you.

Source: PR Times

The Studio Ghibli teas will be available online and at Donguri Kyowakoku stores from April 22nd. Each 40-gram can of tea can be purchased for 1,500 yen (US$13.45). Nothing regarding international shipping has been announced as of yet, and package forwarding services can come in handy if they only end up offering domestic shipping.

There’s really no better way for a Ghibli fan to appreciate the beauty of spring than with a cup of delicious Ghibli tea in hand, so get ready to start a charming little tea collection.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.