Daniel Arsham’s ‘iconic’ contemporary Pokemon art was first showcased earlier this year, as a motif for a line of t-shirts sold by Japanese fashion brand UNIQLO. Arsham is an American artist whose work revolves around ‘Fictional Archeology’.

The designs depicted various popular Pokemon as crystallised artefacts that could be uncovered during an imagined future archeological dig 1000 years from now in 3020.

But if you missed out on the chance to catch one of these striking pieces last time, there’s a chance to pick up some other collaboration goods featuring these faux-historical creatures.

Arsham and Pokemon are holding an exhibition at Shibuya Parco in Tokyo called ‘Relics of Kanto Through Time’ where the artwork can be fully appreciated. Like the name suggests, it features Kanto region favourites such as Pikachu, Charmander and Gengar.

One of the scultpures, a particularly pricey Pikachu, can even be bought for 300,000 yen (which is about $3000 when tax is added). The piece can only be bought by lottery, so even if you have the funds to purchase such a Pokemon, you have to be lucky enough to be chosen too.

But there’s more affordable merchandise available for the average art-loving Pokemon trainer, such as stickers, notebooks and postcards.

2G, a studio located on the second floor of Shibuya Parco will also have high end goods like tote bags and posters on offer, and more sculptures to see as part of the exhibition.

The exhibition costs 700 yen to enter and runs from 1st to 16th August in Parco Museum Tokyo. As a public art sculpture, there will also be a 2 metre tall bronze Pikachu statue stationed on the first floor of Shibuya Parco.

Parco Museum Tokyo website

By - Jess.