Although mint chocolate is considered a controversial flavour, the combination is well enough loved in Japan for it to have become a sort of unofficial summer flavour. As the weather warms up, you’ll start to see more and more of these mint chocolate treats in stores and cafes.

One of these treats, which can be found at a sweets stand in the kawaii capital of Harajuku, has taken on a particularly cute aesthetic thanks to an appearance by Sanrio star Cinannomoroll. The inclusion of an adorable character will make any Japanese dessert pop and make it extra tempting for those with a sweet tooth.

The simply titled sweets stand is called ‘MILK MILK MILK!’, and it specialises in desserts containing Hokkaido-sourced milk which is high in butterfat, making it extra luxuriously creamy.

As part of the summer menu campaign which is taking over La Foret, the mall where MILK MILK MILK! is located, there will be two new pastel green offerings available, both prominently featuring Cinnamoroll.

The first dessert is a Cinnamoroll Milk Pudding (1078 yen, eat in or take out) which has an adorable pastel colour scheme and a sitting character on top.

The second one has an inexplicable science theme. The Cinnamoroll Sky Beaker Parfait (1408 yen, eat in only), which has jelly and choco mint ice cream, also topped with a cute Cinnamoroll just chilling out.

As these are part of the temporary summer menu, they will only be sold until 31st August. If you're in Harajuku and on the look out for a seasonal feast, check out La Foret's full lineup of summer specialties in our previous article!

By - Jess.