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Midsummer special menu takes over LaForet Harajuku!

A gathering point for connoisseurs of all things cute and cool, Laforet Harajuku is one of the top locations in Tokyo for picking up fashionable items, foods and drinks.
Spread across 6 floors, the department store is made up of 150 unique shops, cafes and restaurants.

This summer the department store’s cafes and restaurants have been taken over by a limited midsummer takeout menu.
The dishes and drinks are inspired by the cool and stylish atmosphere of the Laforet building and will be available from Saturday 1 August – Monday 31 August.

The special limited menu “Let's take the cool feeling with us” is as follows:

Café de Paris /B1F

Meneni fruit sandwich (mango, green grape)
A cute looking sandwich full of fresh fruits, the Meneni fruit sandwich is a great snack for those with a sweet tooth.
*The fruit sandwiches are available for take out only.

Mango ¥626 (tax included)
Green grape ¥561 (tax included)


Summer Honey Orange flavour crepe
With Pure honey, orange spread, and jersey ice cream with honey, this sweet crepe is sure to subdue any hunger.
*Crepes are available for take out only.

¥730 (tax included)


Peach Honey Lemon Water
Green Tea Honey Lemon Water
Dragon Fruit Honey Lemon Water
Quench your thirst with these healthy flavoured water drinks from AND THE FRIET.
*Available for both eat-in and take out

¥550 (tax included)


Cold Vegan Noodles
This soup is made with only vegetables and is finished with fresh salt and lemon, a perfect tummy filler for those wanting something more savoury.
*These vegan noodles are available for both eat-in and take-out at slightly differing prices.

¥935 (tax included) *Eat in
¥918 (tax included) *Take out

Machi Machi/2F

Shikiharucha cheese tea (Yam potato topping)
If you’ve wandered the streets of Harajuku before, it is more than likely you’ve noticed that the area is quite fond of cheese, with korean-style cheese stalls, cheesy chip take-aways and cheese covered bibimbap restaurants. Machi Machi takes Harajuku’s love of cheese one step further and has a specialty tea made with cheese! If you’re feeling brave then this might be the drink for you.
*Machi Machi’s cheese tea is available for both eat-in and take-out at slightly differing costs.

¥638 (tax included) *Eat in
¥626 (tax included) *Take out

Guzman y Gomez/2F

Churros on Ice (Strawberry Salt Caramel Chocolate)
With churros included, these special ice cream cups are sure to melt anyone's heart.
*The ice cream cups are available for both eat-in and take-out, but Guzman y Gomez recommends taking the tubs with you so that you can eat and explore at the same time.

¥390 (tax included)


Passion Fruit Black Tea
This passion fruit tea contains Nata de Coco and has a cool and refreshing aftertaste, perfect for those muggy days when the humidity is too much to handle.
*NONARA PEARL’s Passion Fruit Black Tea is available for both eat-in and take-out at slightly differing costs.

¥528 (tax included) *Eat-in
¥518 (tax included) *Take-out


Strawberry Milk Bottle Smoothie
Laforet Harajuku’s newest cafe focuses on creamy milk smoothies. Their cool strawberry milk smoothie is the perfect milky beverage for those midsummer days.

¥880 (tax included) *Eat-in/take-out

In addition, MILK MILK MILK is collaborating with Sanrio Co. – the company behind the creation of popular Hello Kitty and friends – to produce a special menu featuring Cinnamoroll decorations. The special collaboration menu includes a milk pudding made with top quality Hokkaido milk and a parfait filled with refreshing jelly and chocolate mint ice cream.

Cinnamoroll milk pudding
Price: 1,078 yen (tax included) *Eat-in/take-out

Available: Friday 7 August – Monday 31 August

Cinnamoroll beaker parfait
Price: 1,408 yen (tax included) *Eat-in only

Available: Friday 7 August – Monday 31 August

By - Connie Sceaphierde.