Bedtime is always a problem with an infant. If a tired mother and father can actually get their little one to lie down, who knows if they will sleep through the night. Come two or three in the morning, alarm bells are ringing as someone needs a snack or hug. Who's turn is it now?

I suppose it’s far from surprising that parents’ shut eye drops dramatically in the first year of their child’s life. Nevertheless, manga artist Tsubouchi (@pullalongduck) recently posted a manga about another kind of “nigthtime problem” she’s been having with her infant son. It’s probably not what you expect.

Reproduced with permission from Tsubouchi (@pullalongduck)

Reproduced with permission from Tsubouchi (@pullalongduck)

It seems the adults in her family are losing their sense of touch…

Readers had a good laugh. Some shared their reactions on the Twitter thread.

  • “This definitely happens a lot. My mother was holding my son and she called out ‘his’ name. Mom! You just called out your own son’s (i.e. my) name. Lol!”
  • “I sometimes mix up the names of my two daughters.”

It seems parenting is trial by fire—they’re all sorts of mistake to be made.

You can see more manga posts by Tsubouchi on Twitter.

By - Luke Mahoney.