Celebratory life events like childbirth call for the giving and receiving of gifts, and the more unique the present, the more memorable the occasion becomes. Japanese food processing company Fukutome Ham knows this from experience, and perhaps wanting to leave a deep impact on prospective gift buyers, somehow managed to create possibly the most grotesque gift box on the market.


Source: @todamasuo

This isn't just another ordinary idea.
It's really misleading...

For reasons no one has yet been able to process, Fukutome Ham came out with a gift box that includes their famous blocks of ham, but with one different twist. For this particular gift box, the usual labels of the ham were made to be customizable, with pictures of newborn babies.

At first glance, it might seem like a harmless, heartwarming way to personalize a gift. But the Japanese Twitterverse was quick to point out that it's far from a cute touch — that rather, instead of ham, it makes the red blocks of meat look like processed babies.

It probably doesn't help that the company proudly boasts that these "personalized" hams only take about 10 days to ship, and "twins are OK," either.

These (innocently) grotesque-looking, highly unsettling gift boxes aren't likely to boost one's appetite, but we guess it's the effort that counts.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.