For more than 30 years, horror master Junji Ito has been terrifying people through manga. His distinctive art style and dark imagery have inspired TV and film adaptations, and just last year, he released his first art book, which he talked about--amongst many other topics--in an interview with grape Japan.

The numerous adaptations of Junji Ito’s work into different mediums only proves the versatility and appeal of his creations, so it comes as no surprise that one of his most popular manga series, Uzumaki (うずまき) has now inspired a fashion merchandise line.

The story of Uzumaki is centred around the residents of a fictional Japanese town that’s plagued by horrific, supernatural events connected to spirals (hence the title “Uzumaki”, the Japanese word for “spiral”). Throughout its year-long original run, Junji Ito created some unforgettable images--some of which become the centrepiece for the shirts and tote bags sold in the fashion line.

Other famous scenes from the manga also make an appearance through these psychedelic pins.

Fans of Uzumaki also have a more subtle way to show their love for the series; these brightly-coloured bucket hats and open-collar shirts hide Junji Ito’s signature spirals in a polka dot pattern.

The Uzumaki fashion line was developed by R4G, a brand that sells anime and Japanese pop culture-themed clothing. It’s currently only available for purchase within Japan through the SHELL’TER Webstore. However, the online retailer also has an international website, so we might see the Uzumaki merchandise in other countries soon too.

By - Jen Laforteza.