The world’s tallest tower, Tokyo Skytree located in Sumida Ward, has a bit of a reputation as being on the pricey side when it comes to observation decks located in the metropolitan capital city. With prices normally costing between 2,100 yen and 3,100 yen, many often choose to steal a glimpse of panoramic views from cheaper or free venues located across the city.
However, until 23 August the sky-high venue is currently offering half price entry for residents of Tokyo.

Standing at 634 metres, Tokyo Tower is the world’s tallest tower and also the world’s second tallest freestanding building. With two observation decks – one at 350 metres and the other at 450 metres – visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the world’s largest city, and if visiting on a clear day, they may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Mt. Fuji in the distant horizon.

Currently the venue is offering half price entry to all residents of Tokyo. The two observation decks are set at 350 metres and 450 metres, and normally cost 2,100 yen and 3,100 yen. With the 50% discount the two tickets are currently being charged as follows:

Tembo Deck Ticket – 350 Metres only

Adults – 1,050 yen
Junior High & High School Students – 750 yen
Elementary Students – 450 yen

(On Saturday, Sundays and Holidays these prices rise to 1,150 yen, 800 yen and 500 yen respectively)

Combo Ticket – 350 Metres and 450 Metres

This ticket includes both entry to the Tembo Deck at 350 metres and also the Upper Deck at 450 metres.

Adults – 1,550 yen
Junior High & High School Students – 1,150 yen
Elementary Students – 700 yen

(On Saturday, Sundays and Holidays these prices rise to 1,700 yen, 1,250 yen and 750 yen respectively)

On top of the 50% discounted entry, the tickets also come with a 10% off offer for the venue’s souvenir store and the Skytree Cafe on the Tembo Deck.
To get the discount only one member of the group needs to provide proof of residence in the Tokyo area, this means that if you have friends visiting, then they can enjoy the discount as well! To get tickets, simply bring your proof of residence within Tokyo to the ticket counter on the fourth floor of the venue and purchase either a Tembo Deck Ticket or the Combo Ticket (I recommend the combo ticket, because if you’re heading up, you may as well go all the way).
Don’t forget to check out the glass floor on the Tembo Deck and enjoy the details of the structure from the elevator as it takes you up into the clouds.

With only a few days left on this offer, don’t forget to grab your bargain chance to experience Tokyo’s tallest view!

By - Connie Sceaphierde.