This year, Pixar are marking 25 years since the release of Toy Story, which was the world’s first fully CG animated film. To celebrate the occasion to the fullest, Disney are collaborating with Japan Railways Kyushu on a project to bring a Pixar-inspired train to the southern island.

The campaign is called ‘Go! Waku Waku Adventure with Pixar’, and it entails one of Japan’s famous bullet trains (shinkansen in Japanese) undergoing a Pixar-themed makeover, including both the exterior and interior of the train.

The design uses both Pixar characters and Kyushu itself as a motif. The eye-catching outside of the train has plenty of recognisable figures, starting with the iconic Pixar lamp and including characters from Toy Story. The colourful backdrop is made up of shapes representing each prefecture of Kyushu.

It’s only fitting that the design should include a tribute to Kyushu since the chosen train’s route runs almost the whole the length of the island, from Hakata, through Kumamoto, and ending up at Kagoshima Chuo station.

The bright and cheerful decorations inside the carriages include headrest covers featuring a range of Pixar characters from movies such as Up, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo and others.

The train’s first journey will commence on 12th September at 12.19, departing from Hakata station and heading to Kagoshima. Pixar fans lucky enough to be on this debut trip will receive some exclusive and original presents including a special commemorative travel pass.

But don't worry if you can't make it for the first day, there's plenty of time to experience the 'Waku Waku Adventure' as the Pixar train will be running until May 2021.

By - Jess.