Preschools in Japan are a little different than back home. While there are poorly and expertly run academies, some of the more exciting nurseries seem like a lot of fun—even to an adult. Here’s a taste:

Compared to the preschool I attended way back when, the building is very colorful, and there is even an elaborate bus providing shuttle service. Japanese preschools also seem adept at instilling essential skills like working together and cleanliness.

Although the video brushed over it, jungle gyms and outdoor play areas are often reasonably elaborate. Many have pools, tricycles, and a host of playthings for recess. Healthy and fresh meals are also an integral part of an active day.

Gawking outside

However, there is an apparent absence of parents. Adults typically drop off their children at the entrance, where they are greeted by the staff. The reverse happens when it's time to head home. Unfortunately, this process serves as something of a barrier to parents seeing the inner workings of the facilities. Most preschools host "Parents' Day" to interface with guardians, but it's not necessarily guaranteed.

Manga artist Rahato's (@rahato190) child attends one such preschool. However, as an involved parent, the illustrator was overcome by curiosity about her son's day.

Reproduced with permission from Rahato (@rahato190)

Reproduced with permission from Rahato (@rahato190)

Reproduced with permission from Rahato (@rahato190)

Reproduced with permission from Rahato (@rahato190)

As you can see, she might have overdone it to a degree.

Readers reacted:

  • “I know exactly how you feel...”
  • “I wanna be the ceiling of my child's preschool.”
  • “Their expression always changes once they see their parent coming to pick them up.”
  • “For just a while some time, I wish I could shadow my child without being noticed.”

Be sure to check out Rahato’s Twitter account, Coconala artist page, and blog for more manga pieces.

By - Luke Mahoney.