Japanese Twitter user Panda (@HaraHaraPND) recently received a package one morning that she wasn't expecting. When she noticed the sender, she was puzzled. It was the maternity clinic she had used a year ago when she gave birth to her child.

When she opened the box, she found some Baumkuchen cake, cookies, and other sweets, along with a letter.

Upon reading the leader, Panda began sobbing uncontrollably. This is what the letter said:

Happy First Anniversay of Motherhood

Your baby, who was so tiny and little,
is now celebrating her first birthday.
Because you've worked hard, doing your best at childrearing even though you weren't used to it.
Because you've always been there for her with a smile,
no matter how tired you've been.
That's why on this day of all days,
we want to say thanks to you, mom.

Thank you for letting us be a part of that special time of pregnancy and childbirth.

Reproduced with permission from Panda (@HaraHaraPND)

It hadn't been an easy first year of motherhood for Panda as she dealt with all kinds of worries.

The day the package arrived was not only her daughter's birthday but also her first anniversary of motherhood.

Many families celebrate their children's birthdays, but it is rare for the parents to receive a gift from someone on the same occasion.

This maternity clinic makes it a habit of not only celebrating the babies' birthdays but also the mothers'. According to Panda, the doctors, nurses, and midwives at the clinic were all wonderful.

She commented, "I never thought that a year later I would be realizing how wonderful that maternity clinic was."

The maternity clinic's thoughtful letter struck a chord with many readers online, eliciting comments such as "Stop cutting onions," "I cried," and "How nice of this clinic to do this..."

Indeed, it can be a great comfort and source of emotional support for parents to realize that there are people who know how hard they work at raising their children. Not all parents have people around them to provide such support, so maternity clinics like this are doing a great service.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.