This brand new hand towel from Felissimo Co. is the pawfect new addition to add to your Cat Club collection.

The towel resembles the legendary cat, “Nobirutan” who conquered the internet when a photo was shared of the cat’s long torso. Measuring 90cm in length, the towel is the latest addition to the Felissimo Cat Club’s Nagai Neko Towel collection.

Legendary Nobirutan shows off the length of her outstretched torso.

Nagai White Neko Towel

The long white towel features the face and limbs of a white cat. The adorable white paws come with snap buttons that can be clipped to the body to help hold the towel in place on a bathroom bar.
Once clipped in place, the long torso hangs limp over the bathroom bar. Whenever you dry your hands with the towel you can feel as if you are stroking a cat’s tummy. You can also hang the long towel around your neck and take it with you on hot summer days.

Additionally, you can recreate the legendary scene of Nobirutan by holding the towel with the legs tucked over your hands.

Length: 90cm
Price: 3,400 yen (plus tax)
* 102 yen will be put towards the Felissimo Cat Fund.

A portion of sales made by Felissimo Co. go towards the protection of strays, the search for foster parents, the prevention of overbreeding in feral cat populations (neutering of strays) and the aftercare and relief provided to animals during disasters.

Felissimo Cat Club is a community of cat lovers that was formed back in 2010. The community aims to create a society where cats and people can live in perfect harmony. The community works with Felissimo Co. to develop unique and fun cat merchandise that raises money to go towards their cat fund. Some of the organisation’s most recent products include thisadorable cat bed and these toe-bean inspired drawstring bags.
In addition to selling cat merchandise, the organisation supports Japan’s cats through their website where you can find daily updates, “Today’s top cat”, a cat blog series and a section dedicated to sharing photos provided by members of the Felissimo Cat Club.

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By - Connie Sceaphierde.