Stuck in self-imposed (or company-mandated) isolation due to the novel coronavirus, many of us are trying to find ways to compensate for the lack of stimulation by discovering new home activities, exploring online entertainment, and more. When it comes to food, those who enjoy it can literally spice up their lives with a well-seasoned dish. If you love cooking, you may have everything covered, but for whatever reason, sometimes you just want to order something from your local restaurant. But that can be an expensive proposition, and it's a shame to spend money on delivery fees when you just want a quick bite to eat.

Shibi-Kara Chicken シビ辛チキン

Spice-lovers in Japan now have an easy go-to for a spicy light meal. From August 28th, MINISTOP convenience stores are selling a new chicken offering in their hot food corner featuring the lightly tongue-numbing spice and the bracing citrusy flavor of téng jiāo 藤椒 green Sichuan peppercorns, otherwise known as rattan pepper.

These chicken thighs are first basted in a spicy téng jiāo-based marinade, then generously smothered all over in crushed téng jiāo peppercorns and grilled to juicy perfection, so you'll get a full dose of tantalizing tongue-tingling spice no matter where you bite into it. What's more, compared to the breaded "plain juicy chicken" regularly sold at MINISTOP, which has 283 calories, this unbreaded Szechuan pepper chicken is a healthy choice at only 185 calories.

Look for it under the name シビ辛チキン shibikara chikin (hot & numbing chicken) in your local MINISTOP convenience store, where it will set you back 168 JPY + tax. Not a bad deal to put a bit of spice in your life!

By - Ben K.