Japanese convenience store chain Mini Stop has surprised us before with unconventional taste combinations. For example, Chinese-style steamed buns filled with whole custard puddings and gummies shaped like udon noodles which you can eat with chopsticks.

source: (C) MINISTOP

Now, they've done it again. Introducing drinkable kinako-mochi!

source: (C) MINISTOP

If you haven't heard of kinako mochi, it's sticky rice cakes with kinako, roasted soy flour, and a commonly enjoyed traditional Japanese dessert.

source: (C) puamelia

Sticky rice cakes, whether served with tasty kinako powder or not, are, as the name implies, sticky. In fact, so sticky are they that you can die of suffocatation if you are not careful when you eat them. In 2015, for example, nine deaths were blamed on suffocation from mochi rice cakes.

Therefore, the notion of making a beverage out of mochi sounds at first to be an impossible proposition. However, as MINISTOP explains in their press release, this is a kinako mochi-flavored beverage. In other words, it isn't the viscous goop one may fear would result from any attempt to liquefy sticky rice cakes.

Rather, as a far more palatable proposition, MINISTOP has teamed up with famous chocolate maker Tirol to create a beverage that has the flavor of their kinako-mochi filled chocolate variety.

Since MINISTOP had success last year with their Tirol Chocolate Milk Chocolate Drink, they decided to collaborate with Tirol again on this new beverage, which they call Tirol Chocolate Kinako-Mochi Drink.

The beverage will be available served both cold and hot, and will be sold in MINISTOP stores nation-wide for 168 JPY (tax incl.) from October 31, 2017.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.