Two of Japan’s most loved flavours have just gone crunchy.

Kyoto’s Gion Tsujiri Uji tea store, which has mastered the cultivation and production of Japanese tea leaves, has just released two new tea-inspired cookies.

Coming in two flavours; Uji Matcha and Hojicha, these cookies are the perfect treat for those with a more refined sweet tooth.
Made with white bean paste, the soft-textured cookies are accented with chocolate chips.
Rich in flavour and not without the characteristic bright green colouring of matcha or the golden brown of hojicha, these soft cookies are the perfect snack for an explorer of the traditions of Kyoto.

Individually packaged, the cookies are perfect for enjoying on your lunch break or for sharing with friends.

Gion Tsujiri was founded as a manufacturing company of tea in Uji city in 1860 by Tsuji Riemon. The store was originally named “Tsujiri” after it’s founder, but was later renamed to “Gion Tsujiri”.
Gion is a popular area in Kyoto, and is seen as the place of origin of traditional Japanese culture such as tea houses, shrines and the home of the Geisha.
Nowadays, Gion Tsujiri produces some of Japan’s best green tea products, and sells items ranging from food and drink to skin and healthcare items.

Uji Matcha and Hojicha Cookie

Size: Height 10mm × Width 150mm × Diameter 110mm
Price: 291 yen (tax included)
Stores: Gion Tsujiri head office store, Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit Store, Tokyo Skytree Town Soramachi Store, Saryo Tojiri Isetan Store, Kodaiji Store, Daimaru Tokyo Store, Gion Tsujiri Online Shop, Osaka International (Itami) Airport Travel

By - Connie Sceaphierde.