As a surprisingly early cherry blossom season approaches in Japan, businesses and makers around the country are celebrating with loads of sakura-flavored treats, most notably Starbucks sakura lattes and frappuccinos, Lipton Sakura milk tea, and even a bar that lets you dive into a sakura pool.

You can now add Japanese branches of Cinnabon to attendees for the season-long cherry blossom party, as they've released a limited edition Japan exclusive sakura cinnamon roll called the Sakura Minibon.

The Sakura Minibon takes Cinnabon's signature cinnamon roll and tops it with a coating of sakura-flavored cream cheese frosting, as well as a crispy layer of "sakura crunch" (crunchy sakura chocolate bits).

You can even pair it with a sakura spin on Seattle's Best Coffee.

An individual Sakura Minibon is 390 yen, but packs of three and and six are available for 1,170 yen and 1,850 yen respectively. They're currently available and will be through March 31st at the Roppongi, Futakotamagawa Rise S.C., Cocoon City (Saitama), and Atre Kichijoji locations of Cinnabon in Japan.

By - Big Neko.