With the “Go To Travel Campaign” promoting travel across Japan right now, it can be pretty hard to follow the government’s suggestion of staying home and avoiding unnecessary travel, especially when you normally spend your public holidays exploring Japan’s many tourist destinations.

These special limited edition Gudetama travel stickers allow you to feel as if you are travelling whilst actually staying in the safety of your own home. They’re also perfect for finding inspiring places to add to your bucket list for when life finally goes back to normal.

An individual sticker is available for every one of Japan’s 47 prefectures. Through collaborations with tourist spots, customs, cultures, food, and historical products, these stickers help to convey the charm of each region.

Normally, specific souvenirs like these location-themed stickers require the buyer to visit the area where they are then purchased and kept as a memento. But as restraints and uncertainty have been put on travel due to the threats of COVID-19, travelling and sightseeing have become the impossible. As these stickers are standard travel souvenirs, the purchaser has the opportunity to reminisce, hope or to dream of travel.

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The stickers will be released on the Asunarosha online store and will be available to purchase for 350 yen each.
The stickers are roughly 5.9cm x 7.5cm and are the perfect size for adorning electronics, bags or diaries.
Though Japan has 47 prefectures, a full set of Gudetama travel stickers contains 48 individual stickers as there are two unique stickers for Fukuoka.

From Wednesday 19 August to Monday 31 August, a special campaign is being held on The Local Kitty instagram account. During the campaign, head over to the account and press the “like” button on your favourite Gudetama travel sticker. Three lucky winners will be chosen from a lottery and will be awarded a set of the complete Gudetama travel stickers.

You can find all of the 48 Gudetama travel stickers in specific regions below.
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Hokkaido and Tohoku




Chugoku and Shikoku

Kyushu and Okinawa

By - Connie Sceaphierde.