If you clicked on this article thinking you’d get to see a real human Yamato driver being attacked by a ferocious feline, sad to say you’ve been misled...

What really happened took place at Shiso-chan's (@tu_mi_re_cat) home. She regularly updates her followers on the daily lives of her two cats.

Meet Tsumire, a blue-eyed brown and white tabby cat, also the assailant of today’s crime.

And here’s Wasanbon, a golden-eyed, orange tabby, the innocent victim.

Before the crime...

Below you can see Shiso’s husband was hard at work. He’s crafting the perfect, cat-sized Yamato truck replica from a Yamato cardboard box for beloved Wasanbon, who patiently supervises the process.

But then...

A few days later, Shiso captured the following footage:

Wasanbon is enjoying the new ride when...he’s suddenly assaulted by Tsumire.

Helpless and unable to fend off the attack, Wasanbon endures from the truck’s driver’s seat until at last Tsumire is satisfied with her bullying and walks off.

You can see Wasanbon attempt a biting counterattack as Tsumire wanders off, but it was already too late...

Here is Tsumire licking off the taste of victory from her little white paws.

As for Wasanbon, he seems to have survived this time, but perhaps the look in his eyes point to the trauma he has endured.

Hopefully the two can recover from this incident and continue to coexist under one roof.

You can follow Shiso-chan (@ShisochanTsumiretoWasanbon) here to stay updated on these two felines.

By - Mujo.