We have discovered a curious item for cat lovers. It is a "cat paw pad scented hand cream"! A pink colored fluffy cream, reminiscent of the cat's paw pad, is contained in a cute package. Is it for cats...? No, no, this is a legitimate hand cream for humans.

It was developed to create skin that is squishy, like the cat's paw pad. The scent in question is a sweetened "popcorn scent" that is easy to wear on the skin.

After surveying cat lovers, most of them said that cat's paw pads smell like "aromatic popcorns." Very interesting...

The ingredients include a unique composition of hyaluronic acid and collagen. It helps keeps the moisture in your skin. It originated from Felissimo Nekobu, a store offering items popular among cat lovers.

If you have this hand cream, you can feel like you are always with your favorite cat. If it is too difficult for you to have a cat, maybe you can feel like you have one with this hand cream!?

It could be a dreamy hand cream for the cat lovers that makes moist, squishy skin and a content heart.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.