These proud pooches prove that life is always worth fighting for.

Parasports Fiesta for Animals is a special event where pets with handicaps due to illness or injury gather together to prove that it is possible to live a healthy, happy life even with a disability. Organised by the Veterinary Medicine Promotion Association (VMPA), the festival’s debut was held in 2019 all over the country.
Unfortunately COVID-19 saw to the cancellation of this year's in-person event. Despite the cancellation, the fun continues online with the Para Sports Fiesta for Animals photo contest.

Parasports Fiesta for Animals was founded by Seiichi Okuno, a veterinarian at the ACORN Veterinary Neurological Clinic in Gunma Prefecture. The goal of the festival is to bring people and animals together so that they may live in harmony with one another even if they have disabilities.
Currently, the event is endorsed by local governments, veterinary associations and various companies across the country, but they are always looking for more aid and support.

Life can be harsh on all of us, our fluffy friends included.
Even today, with the advance development of veterinary medicine, many pets suffer paralysis due to spinal cord disorders, whilst others need surgery to remove injured limbs. However, despite the loss of functions, our pets' character and their desire to move forward never changes; they will continue to have fun even in a wheelchair or in orthoses, proving to us their neverending courage and will to live.

The Parasports Fiesta for Animals Photo Contest is an online photo and video contest for pets who live life to the fullest even when they are handicapped and need to use wheelchairs or orthoses.
The event is being held on the Parasports Fiesta for Animals instagram account.

To get involved you can submit images to the contest by posting a photo or video of your furry companion to instagram with the hashtag #Anipara. You can also tag the Parasports Fiesta for Animals in your post with @para_animals.
Lucky prize winners will receive a variety of gifts from sponsors.
Submissions opened on Wednesday 12th August and will run through until Monday 31st August 2020.

Even if you don’t have a pet, you can enjoy the posts shared by Parasports Fiesta for Animals and the submissions from para-pets partaking in the photo contest across the country.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.