Krispy Kreme Donuts Japan has found a way to start the summer festivities early with the release of their ‘Early Summer Fruits’ menu in the form of these refreshing fruity donuts and drinks.

Available from 12 May 2021, the new additions; Watermelon Ring Donut, Melon Cream Donut and the Crispy Frozen Rich Mango drink will help you keep your cool as the numbers on the thermometer start to rise.

Watermelon Ring Donut

Take out: 270 yen
Eat in: 275 yen

Don’t let the aesthetics fool you – this is infact a ring donut covered with white chocolate, watermelon glaze and chocolate chips. While not quite the same as eating a slice of the real fruit, at least with this one, you don’t need to spit out the seeds.

Melon Cream Donut

Take out: 270 yen
Eat in: 275 yen

If the looks didn’t give it away, then the name should – the ‘Melon Cream Donut’ is stuffed to the brim with melon flavoured cream (made from real melon juice from the Furano Valley in Hokkaido). The donut is then coated with latticed green chocolate and melon glaze.

Crispy Frozen Rich Mango

Take out: 594 yen
Eat in: 583 yen

Bursting with rich and fruity Alfonso mango sweetness, alongside a dessert-like texture, this beverage makes for the perfect summer refreshment. If you prefer a more mellow taste, mix in the whipped cream topping for a milder flavour.
Made with freshly diced mango pulp, the drink is a must have for the Japanese summer.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.