Japan’s mid-autumn festival is on the way. The celebration is called ‘Tsukimi’, which literally means moon viewing, referencing the custom of holding moon gazing parties at this time of year, and also the tradition of eating moon-like food as another way to appreciate the beauty of the harvest moon.

Traditionally this food is mochi, the round and white sweet making the perfect comparison to the revered celestial body. There’s also noodle dishes known as Tsukimi soba or Tsukimi udon which includes an egg. But these days, there’s some interesting fast food equivalents to try out too.

Many famous fast food chains in Japan have their take on the Tsukimi burger, in which some form of egg takes the place of the moon-resembling food.

KFC have announced their lineup of Tsukimi sandwiches for this year’s autumn menu and it’s a double headliner.

KFC’s classic ‘Torori Tsukimi Sandwich’ first went on sale in 2016, but this time around the main star is the ‘Torori Chicken Filet Sandwich’ (460 yen). It includes a Kentucky fried chicken filet complete with the expected blend of eleven herbs and spices, lettuce, mayonnaise and fried egg-style omelette.

The second offering is an even more Japanese take on the sandwich. The ‘Torori Tsukimi Japanese Chicken Katsu Sandwich’ (460 yen) has soy sauce teriyaki flavouring in the chicken Katsu patty, plus mayonnaise, shredded cabbage and the obligatory egg topping.

These seasonally apt additions to the menu will appear from 2nd September onwards in KFC branches all over Japan.

By - Jess.