Make the most of the remaining summer heat as it takes a turn and begins to cool down throughout September, October and November at this special limited season BBQ restaurant beneath Kobe Harborland’s ferris wheel.

Urban Earth BBQ Kobe Harborland’ is a unique restaurant where customers are invited to enjoy their meal outside in the fresh air. Customers have the choice to dine beneath a tarp canopy or inside a premium dome tent (that are often used at glamping resorts).

Although an outdoor do-it-yourself bbq restaurant, customers can be certain that they are receiving top quality at Urban Earth BBQ Kobe Harborland, with all ingredients sourced locally such as their Kobe pork and Harima beef. On top of all the tasty food, the restaurant’s glamorous dome tents, dining tables, chairs and canopy are provided through the restaurant’s collaboration with outdoor goods manufacturer, LOGOS.

The open-air restaurant allows customers to enjoy a meal alongside a glamping atmosphere, without actually dedicating themselves to staying in a tent for the night.
Take in the view of Kobe Port Tower and the glistening lights of Kobe’s skyline from the comfort of your bbq glamping tent.

The restaurant offers 3 bbq pitches at different prices; Standard Open BBQ canopy pitch, Standard Beachside BBQ canopy pitch and the Premium BBQ glamping tent pitch.

Standard Open BBQ and Standard Beachside BBQ canopy pitches

Can seat up to 8 people per pitch, minimum 2 people.
Urban BBQ Kobe Harborland has 7 Standard Open BBQ canopy pitches and 7 Standard Beachside BBQ canopy pitches across the site.
The Beachside BBQ canopy pitches are located next to the harborside, whilst the Open BBQ is adjacent to the ferris wheel.
Includes a 3 hour time slot, canopy-covered pitch, bbq, charcoal, cooking tongs and a set of paper plates, disposable chopsticks and hand towels.

Adults - 1,800 yen per person
Children - 1,300 yen per person

Premium BBQ Glamping tent pitch

Rather than renting out per person the Premium BBQ Glamping tent pitch is rented out for one price no matter how many diners attend.
Can seat up to 10 people, no minimum on number of diners (although to make the most of the pricing it is best to fill up the space). There are only 3 Premium BBQ Glamping tent pitches at Urban BBQ Kobe Harborland.
This pitch includes a 3 hour time slot and comes with an octagon shaped glamping tent, bbq grill, charcoal, cooking tongs and a set of paper plates, disposable chopsticks and hand towels. Staff are also available on site to help get your bbq started and to take away any leftovers and garbage.

Glamping tent pitch - 22,000 yen per pitch

Diners at Urban BBQ Kobe Harborland will also need to purchase BBQ ingredient sets to enjoy a meal at the venue.
In addition to their standard bbq set menu, the venue also offers a bbq set inspired by Kobe local speciality foods which includes Kobe pork, Harima beef, Awaji beef, Tajima chicken and vegetables sourced from local farmers.

Standard BBQ ingredients set - 1,800 yen
Kobe Speciality BBQ ingredients set - 2,500 yen

Make sure to grab the all-you-can-drink offer from the onsite drink counter so that you can wash down all that delicious food.

Unlimited Alcohol - 1,800 yen
Premium Soft Drink - 1,000 yen
Standard Soft Drink - 700 yen

Urban BBQ Kobe Harborland will remain next to Kobe ferris wheel until the 30th of November 2020.
Reservations are required, so book up now to enjoy a surprisingly peaceful glamping-inspired bbq alongside the hustle and bustle of Kobe City’s busy harbor.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.