It’s not uncommon for Japanese tea ceremony to be regarded as a sophisticated hobby to dabble in, and many might even believe it to be too refined for them to enjoy casually. While it’s true that tea ceremonies run by professional instructors in traditional settings are rife with mannerisms and rules, that doesn’t make the art of matcha making a pastime that’s out of reach to the rest of us.

Urging curious matcha-lovers to try and whisk up a delicious cup of green tea on their own is Gion Tsujiri, a tea store originating from Kyoto that has been around since 1860. Starting March 10th until mid-April, the store will be offering a Mini Spring Matcha Kit that will serve as the perfect starter kit for beginners, as well as a portable set for the already experienced.

Source: PR Times

The mini matcha kit includes a mini matcha bowl, a mini chasen (bamboo whisk), and three 2-gram packets of matcha powder. All the utensils come in a cute little pouch adorned with cherry blossoms, making it easy to carry around. In fact, it’s a great item to bring to hanami picnics for the upcoming season!

Source: PR Times

Gion Tsujiri’s Mini Spring Matcha Kit can be purchased for 3,001 yen (US$26.37) at Gion Tsujiri stores and through their online shop. For anyone who’s always been curious to try making their own cup of matcha, this starter kit will get you going in the right direction.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.