Ryuzo (@zo73151) usually keeps his dog indoors. One day, he decided to leave his dog out of his crate while he went out for the first time.

How did the house-sitting go for the dog? Take a look at what Ryuzo discovered when he came home.

Oh no, you didn’t…!??

The dog even looked proud of his “work” to redecorate the living room, with severely destroyed cushions spread in front of him.

Ryuzo learned his lesson from this incident, and hid his cushions when he left the dog house-sit for the second time.

The result?

Puppy strikes again even with a bigger smile!

This time, clearly the wall paper became his target.

Finally after the second time, the owner scolded the dog for the misbehavior, which clearly made the dog super sad as you can see.

According to Ryuzo, both him and the dog had the “end of the world” looks after he scolded the dog for the mutilated wall.

His post was spread widely on twitter, resulting in total of 110,000 likes and comments.

I literally laughed out loud. The dog’s proud look is just too adorable.

I can definitely relate to this! This exact thing just happened to me the other day.

Oh no! He definitely worked hard on those redecorations! But you can’t even get mad at him when he looks this happy!

It must have been so depressing to think about how much it would take to clean up all the mess, but it’s also hard to stay mad and not forgive the dog when he looks this happy!

One day, I’m sure Ryuzo’s beloved dog will be a good boy enough to house-sit alone, but it seems like there’s still a long way to go!

By - Mugi.