Here at grape Japan, you could say we're a bit partial to a certain fruit which is in season at this time of year. Of course, we're talking about our namesake, the grape. Grapes are one of the fruits most associated with fall, and you'll find many varieties in supermarkets. If you visit fruit parlors and specialty shops, you'll also discover that grapes share the stage with melons and strawberries as one of Japan's luxury gift fruits, with some varieties commanding impressive prices. For example, last year, a bunch of Ruby Roman grapes sold for 1.2 million yen at auction, or the equivalent of $11,000 USD. That's $460 USD per grape!

Premium grape cakes from Café Comme Ça

If you just want to eat these premium gapes as they are, of course, you can visit the supermarket or fruit specialty shop. But if you'd like to sample them as a dessert, you may be interested in trying one of these exquisitely decorated grape cakes from Café Comme Ça. They even have a cake featuring the abovementioned Ruby Roman and, while admittedly expensive, you won't need to sell your car to try it.

"Colors of Mt. Fuji" cake with Shine Muscat grapes

This fromage blanc-based cake called 富士山の彩 Fujisan no irodori (Colors of Mt. Fuji) features Shine Muscat grapes from Fuefuki 笛吹 in Yamanashi Prefecture. Shine Muscat grapes are prized for their beautiful yellow-green berries, crisp flesh texture, as well as their sweet and fragrant muscat flavor.

Price: 1,200 JPY / piece (Ginza location: 1,400 JPY / piece or 14,000 JPY whole)

"Ruby Roman" cake

This mascarpone-based cake features premium Ruby Roman grapes from Ishikawa Prefecture. Aesthetically decorated with ample quantities of this rare grape, it's a small luxury. The deep red grapes are famed for being very juicy and sweet with low acidity.

Price: 1,200 JPY / piece (Ginza location: 2,300 JPY / piece 23,000 JPY whole).

The design will be different than pictured above at the Ginza location. Due to the rarity of this grape, the cake may be out of stock, so you may want to call the location you intend to visit in advance.

Grape Cake

Made with grape-flavored cream, this cake features juicy, fragrantly sweet grapes. The Ginza location uses Nagano Purple grapes.

Price: 980 JPY / piece (Ginza location: 1,400 JPY / piece or 14,000 JPY whole)


These premium grape cakes will be available from September 1st to September 23rd. For more information, visit their product page on the Café Comme Ça website here. Click here for their complete list of locations nationwide.

By - Ben K.